Teaching Philosophy

The role of a teacher is complex. Not only must a teacher instruct their students from an academic standpoint, but they also play a role in shaping students into the people they will become. I want to be a teacher because I want to play a role in instilling a love of learning within students that will endure long after they have graduated.

I believe that learning is an ongoing process both for the students that will enter my classroom and for myself. This process may occur at different rates for different people and so I want to model my teaching in a way that allows the student time to learn at their own pace.   would like to teach in a way that allows each student to learn at roughly their own pace.

I also believe that student learning is not and should not be confined by the four walls of the classroom. Students inevitably learn better and develop better understanding through experiential learning which is something I want to offer the students in my classes. I hope to create a learning environment that is student driven and gives them a voice in how they learn and demonstrate learning.

If I expect my students to be continuously learning I should hold myself to the same standard. I want to be continuously learning from my students, colleagues, PD events, and through the pursuit of my own personal learning outside of sanctioned school hours. Teachers that continuously grow will be able to adapt to the ever changing needs of their students. I want to be continuously pursuing new and creative ways to inspire learning both within my classroom and within my individual students.

I believe that the most important thing a teacher can teach their students is the value and the importance of making mistakes. In my future teaching I want to encourage my students to make at least one mistake per day, because if you are making mistakes it at least means they are trying. For it is only through trying, and potentially getting it wrong or messing up that we truly learn the correct way to do things. Mistakes are not something to be ashamed of but a tool to help individuals to learn.

Above all, I believe that teachers are meant to act as facilitators for unlocking a student’s potential. I want my instruction to my students to explore, discover and express their passions. In my instruction I hope to provide my students with a framework in which they can discover their own strengths as an individual. Students should also feel free to express their strengths and passions in the way that makes most sense to them. As a result, in my teaching I want to offer options that suit each individual and their unique learning style.

Being a teacher is a great honor and responsibility as teachers are often the first role model a child will look to. In my future career I hope to be a role model to my students and ensure success for each student as an individual.