Final Networked Learning Post

“How have you contributed to the learning of others?”

One of the things I struggled with this semester was having to maintain a Twitter account. I didn’t have Twitter at all before the semester and I struggled to maintain the routine of Tweeting retweeting. But I also appreciated that I was pushed out of my comfort zone this semester. By having to maintain a Twitter account I had the chance to interact with my colleagues and my learning was enriched by them. It also made me take charge of my own learning as I had to read articles and watch videos to Tweet. Although I was quite opposed to Twitter, in the beginning, I have come to see that it is actually a useful platform for collaborating with and learning from others in the education community.

That being said, the biggest way that I contributed to the learning of others was through my presence on Twitter. I attempted to tweet twice a day this semester (some weeks went better than others). I tweeted and retweeted resources that I found using Feedly. And as I was selecting my resources I made a concerted effort to share resources that could actually have some practical application for my peers. Instead of scrolling through Feedly and simply posting the first article that had “Education” and “Technology” (or some variation of that) in the title and posting it, I combed through the articles on my feed and shared the ones that I thought my peers would find the most helpful. I also tried to share a variety of resources. Instead of just sharing articles all the time I also shared infographics and other visual aids that could be used in the classroom and I also shared a few Ted Talks that could be used in different classroom settings and for different purposes. I also tried to find articles from authors that I felt were worth following, Terry Heick and Brian Aspinall were two that I found and shared their work multiple times because they had valuable thoughts to share.

Another way that I contributed to my classmate’s learning this semester was through commenting on their blogs. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s blogs. I especially enjoyed getting to read people’s learning project posts because it was so fun to see their progress as the weeks went on. Their personalities really came through in these posts and I often found myself laughing out loud reading about their adventures. But I am going, to be honest, I was quite diligent about commenting at the start of the course but as the semester progressed and my life got increasingly busy my commenting trickled off until I wasn’t doing it anymore.  I missed reading about my colleagues’ blogs but it was just unsustainable in the hectic last few weeks of the semester.

The Google+ Community was a great resource to support us through the semester. I really appreciated reading others’ posts in the community and being able to access all the class materials in one space. While I appreciated the resource I didn’t contribute to it much. I was a bit of a Google+ lurker this semester. I mostly used it as a place to find the links to the course material and never had burning questions to put in the community. I did contribute once however because once this semester I was miraculously on the community at the same time that Losa posted a question and so I had the opportunity to respond.

Otherwise, I found that by the time I made my way to the community the questions that had been posted had been addressed already. Overall, I really appreciated other peoples discussions but I was more satisfied to lurk rather than post in it.


I have truly appreciated participating in and learning from all of my amazing colleagues this semester. I wish you all the best of luck in your futures!




Just the Beginning: Summary of Learning

This class has been one of the most practical classes that I have taken at the university. Before entering this class my knowledge of the tools available to use in the classroom and how to approach topics of digital citizenship in the class was limited. There were aspects of the course that I struggled with but there were also skills I learned that will equip me for the future. Now that we have reached week 13 I feel like I have a whole new knowledge base that I can take into my future classroom to prepare my students and to enrich their learning through the use of technology in the classroom.

This course not only allowed me to develop my skills with implementing technology effectively in the classroom but it gave me an opportunity to develop a creative skill as well through my Learning Project. I chose to learn how to do hand-lettering as my learning project and it provided a great break from the stresses of the semester.

I teamed up with Kayci Henderson to create our Summary of Learning video artifact. In the video, we review the main takeaways from the course, discuss some of our struggles and successes, and make fools of ourselves. So sit back and enjoy!

I would like to take a moment to thank Katia Hildebrandt for all her help this semester. From the WordPress screencasts to the content of each class, I really appreciated your passion for the subject of technology in the classroom and your willingness to help us with any issues we came across this semester. I would also like to thank all of my colleagues in the class for their encouragement through blog comments and tweets. I appreciate all of the resources that were shared this year and I have learned so much from each and every one of you.