Going Digital with Photoshop: Learning Project Week 9

A few weeks back I explored other avenues for learning to hand letter online and I found a tutorial by Hand Lettering Studio which walked you through how to take your hand lettering from paper to a digital format using Photoshop and I blogged about it here. At that point, I had only read about how to do it and so this week I decided to sit down and try to take one of my pieces and make it digital. This is the lettering I created for my first attempt:

I am going to be honest with you, I thought that I had saved all of the emails that had the instructions in them in my inbox but when I went to look for them today they weren’t there. So what I did was return to trusty old Youtube and searched “How to Digitize Hand Lettering in Photoshop”. This video was my lifeline to get me through the process because Photoshop is quite complex and intimidating if you have never used it before.

In order to track my progress, I decided to take a series of videos. These are the major steps that are laid out in the video and it is the most basic way to digitize your hand lettering. There is so much more you can do with Photoshop but these are just the basics.

Step 1: The eraser tool saved my life. I had been trying to use the Lasoo tool to trim it before and it was so time-consuming and finicky.

Step 2:

Step 3: The image that I am using as the background is a picture I took two summers ago. Daisies are my favourite flowers, I love their simple beauty!

Step 4:

Step 5: If you look closely at my final product there are white splotches from when I was erasing on the paper. They appear as darker splotches when you are in the erasing stage and I just didn’t bother to erase them. I think it gives it a cool effect but it is possible to clean it up if you wanted to.

The final product turned out looking like this and I am really proud of it!

Next week I am going to attempt to combine painting and hand lettering!



3 thoughts on “Going Digital with Photoshop: Learning Project Week 9

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  2. Hey Katelyn, this is great learning project and I really wish I would have followed it more! I find editing pictures extremely difficult, and frustrating. However, I really appreciated your videos I think they are a great asset to this blog post!! Thanks so much for once again your very informative blog post.


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