Teach Me Your Ways! Moving Beyond YouTube: Learning Project Week Seven

This week for my learning project I decided it was time to try and find a new sensei for my hand lettering project.


Youtube and Pinterest have provided me with a wealth of guidance and inspiration on how to create different styles of lettering. As I mentioned in my post from week five there is literally one free app that teaches hand lettering and it is limited in scope. So this week I decided to try and find other free online resources to learn hand lettering.

What I found was a really cool free course offered by Lettering Studio which can be found here. When you sign up you get a new lesson every day for five days and then a new lesson each week to help you hone your lettering skills. You simply enter your name and email and then over the course of five days it sends you the daily lesson. The best part is that each email starts with a giph that inevitably makes you smile. It is a beginner’s course that walks you through:

  1. Background on the instructor/illustrator, James Daly and Lesson one which walks you through the basics of forming your strokes.
  2. Writing your first word. The first word he has you practice is the word “minimum” as it has a lot of downstrokes and curvy letters. You then practice making curves and circles.
  3. Materials, styles, and tools of the trade.
  4. Transferring your lettering to Photoshop Part 1.
  5. Photoshop Part 2.

It is an amazing free course! The emails he sends are encouraging and informative. Each lesson contains links and videos to help you follow along and there are also opportunities to get practice pages you can download if you share the page with a friend. And if you are really interested in getting serious about lettering you can purchase full-blown video tutorial courses.

Here’s what I’ve been creating this week:

A good reminder!

If my heart was a compass you’d be north.


6 thoughts on “Teach Me Your Ways! Moving Beyond YouTube: Learning Project Week Seven

  1. I have really enjoyed seeing your progress this week! I love the idea of starting with the word minimum because of all the curves to it. This sounds like such a relaxing learning project, perhaps a way to distress as you run into your final weeks of the semester! Thanks for sharing, keep up the amazing work.

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  2. Great post, Katelyn, I like how you are finding new resources even when it proves to be challenging! I think that the resource you found this week is amazing, and would be very helpful. Good job for including links as they are very helpful to see where you are learning from. Keep up the good work!


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